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Phone Lenses

Phone Camera Lens a Truly Unique Gifts & Gear for Phone Photographers. With Pro-quality glass lenses that work on any phone, you can attach fish-eye lens, wide lens, macro lens & telephoto phone lens to your mobile phone, ipad, iphone, tablets & even a laptop.

Type of Phone Lenses that we carry:

Telephoto Lens:

Digital zoom is a bummer. The Telephoto Lens is here to save you from perpetual pixelation.

  • Offers 2x magnification, through the power of optics
  • No pixel killing digital zoom required here
  • Get twice as close to your subject without moving or tapping
  • Photo tigers at the zoo without sticking your phone in the cage

Wide Angle / Macro Lens:

Two lenses in one! Conquer what was once too large to capture and see details once too small to see.

  • Wide Angle Lens gives 0.65x - 0.67x magnification
  • Stretch the limits of your lens for big cityscapes & XL group shots
  • Macro can focus from just .5 to 1 inch away
  • Show everyone how gross eyeballs, bugs & flowers really are

Fish-eyes lens:

  • This lens provides a real deal hemispherical view that makes everyone look like they're living in a bubble.
  • Our classic Fisheye Lens takes in 180° Like rolling a panoramic shot into a snowball! Give your photos and vids that distinctly fishy look ... with none of the fishy smell!

Super fish-eyes lens:

The fishiest fisheye around takes in the entire scene in front of you (and a bit of the sides too).

  • Get a 235° view of the world around you
  • The most extreme effect in our lens collection
  • Gather up the whole family for a mega group shot
  • Square photos are square. The super fisheye takes round photos!

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